la ritrovata – giorgio calls donna!

Giorgio calla Donna tella speaka about new release „Waz Experience and Mr. Kju: Turn the Volume Down (Hillberg and D-Tex Remix)“;that he and Vasco Bossi never meant to steal last gig´s money and spend everything on cheap girls on expensive beaches in Rio de Janeiro, and, and….

gigs, gigs and merry x-mas!

giorgio coming home: after all his years first away from home in munich, davos (switzerland), los angeles (america) and frozen in a glaciers vault (oetztal, tirolo, next to a stone age man names oetzi) giorgio merano and donna d´estate coming home to merano: and performed at wonderful meteo restaurant on saturday, december 7th along with dj veloziped and famous number three inna band: vasco bossi.

gig and merano both were wonderful, now giorgio and donna prepare for their next gig upcoming friday, december 20th at club U in vienna!

hope to see you there!
to all the others who issa pity, shameful and unluckful because they cannot come, maybe because they are locked in in england with brexit – we, giorgio, donna e vasco, wisha:

and here some beautiful photos from beautiful merano:

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new release: bella ciao

Hillberg and D-Tex: Bella Ciao (Fire Music Rec. 50)

Sometimes even Hillberg and D-Tex alias „Giorgio Merano“ and „Donna D´Estate“ are running out of their enormous sense of humour: For instance, if children, women, men, drown in the Sea next to our coasts and we stand there watching them dying.
So this is why this time they asked Portuguese singer Depatria Redlips to perform the world´s biggest anthem expressing the will to resist fascism together: Bella Ciao.
That song the ones fighting oppression and injustice wear on their lips.
And now we wear this wonderful hymn on our lips – or: on Deopatria´s Red Lips.

Of course we added our special „Giorgio“ aka Hillberg and D-Tex flava and twist to it: Some nice basslines and some rolling Disco-Sequencer-lines; as always. Enjoy. And: „Viva la lotta contro il fascismo! Per sempre!“
Sincerely yours, Hillberg and D-Tex alias Giorgio e Donna.

Hillberg and D-Tex feat. Deopatria Redlips: Bella Ciao is now out on all major download portals, such as e.g.:
amazon link/Bella Ciao

And by no means don´t miss to watch our great video with it:

munich disco – teil 2: release

Hillberg and D-Tex: Munich Disco Remixes Part Two (Fire Music Rec. 049)

June 21st: famous date when Munich Disco Remixes Part Two came out!

Another two great talents pay their tribute to Hillberg and D-Tex aka the Real Giorgio and the Real Donna´s anthem on Giorgio´s first musical home Munich: pleaks and DJ Joe Joe.

Pleaks aka Ralph Klenke, formerly known as „Mightiness“, is amongst Germany´s Broken Beats-pioneers. This time he comes up with a Trap/House monster setting every dancefloor on fire!

DJ Joe Joe is a New York House legend, who co-founded New York´s famous 1990ies Digital Konfusion Crew. 2001 he „emigrated“ to Vienna, Austria. His remix of Munich Disco cannot deny it´s roots deeply into the Big Apple´s classic House scene.


new release: munich disco – the remixes teil 1

Hillberg and D-Tex: Munich Disco Remixes Part One (Fire Music Rec. 048)

Here it comma to the people onna dancefloors: Hillberg and D-Tex´ aka the Real Giorgio and the real Donna´s musical tribute to Giorgio´s first musical home „Munich Disco“ reshaped in all together four fat remixes.
Part One presents a rework by Hillberg aka Giorgio himself and Tyrol´s House and Cosmic legend Waz Experience & Mr. Kju.
Munich Disco (Hillberg – Giorgio Rides the Munich Machine Remix) boasts a wonderful musical tribute to all the decades from Munich´s Disco-scene tot he era of Rave music.

Munich Disco (Waz Experience & Mr. Kju Remix) instead brings this unique „Italo“ Disco-swing back to life – with all their Juno Pads-sounds and sizzling sequencers: Nobody understands „Giorgio“ better than a boy from around Giorgio´s neighbourhood.

Release Date: May 31st, 2019!

live in deggendorf // in belgium in the charts

first of all let´s announce our next gig at cafe holler in deggendorf/germany bavaria on friday, march 29th!

it may not be one of our usual venues such as royal albert hall, l.a. coliseum or olympia in paris: but cafe holler stands for our roots:
when giorgio and donna were revived after decades in a glacier – cafe holler was the first venue believing us we were the real giorgio and the real donna. not the „other giorgio“ who nicked all my songs.

so a gig at cafe holler is always very special for us.

and this time we will be introducing our new man on the decks – vasco bossi!
who used to work as a poolboy in our villa in ticino, switzerland, before we found out he… was musician like us, eh!?

so see you on 29th of march at cafe holler, deggendorf!

in belgium in the charts!

and hey! we just received the news our song „ultimate warlord“ has entered the belgian iTunes electronic music charts! fame, we come!

disko, peter & co.: live at TAM TAM // studiobuehne munich // nov. 2nd

another great gig at munich´s TAM TAM parties: this time at studiobuehne TWM next to the münchner kammerspiele.
unfortunately again my donna d´estate could not come, but with vasco bossi as my dj we again had excellent support!
thank you very much to koenig oskar, diskopeter, peet doice to perform with us, and to peaceartist for wonderful visuals: although i did not understand what you tried to explain to me all two days long, mi godevo tanto con i tuoi visuals!
tanti baci e saluti, sincerely yours,
giorgio merano from hillberg and d-tex

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release fest „munich disco“ at TAM TAM sommerfest // july 12th 2018

a wonderful release party for our new hillberg and d-tex release „(this is the) munich disco“ at TAM TAM sommerfest, july 12th 2018 in munich: support on the decks this time came from our new hillberg and d-tex crew-member vasco bossi, who played a wonderful dj-set after Giorgio had to leave stage for important visit in beauty salon.
thanks to the marvelous crowd, all other artists frank sauer and neoangin, saluti!

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