ultimate warlord – preview

news straight out from our hillberg and d-tex music-garages: quick preview on our upcoming release „ultimate warlord e.p.„, coming out in spring 2016 and again featuring our great singer gabriella haenninen.

alltogether the new e.p. will boast two great hillberg and d-tex songs:
– ultimate warlord; our humble dedication to this great italo-disco track from 1979;
– pavel interstellar´s incredible spaceflight to the stars where he met dave, dee, dozy, beaky, mick and tich when they smoked a cigar and listened to an old miles davis album

ehrm. yep… you might find the second song´s title abbreviated as „pavel interstellar´s…“ as today´s music industry somehow has a  very hostile approach towards creative song-titles. however…

however with these news hillberg and d-tex are stepping back into their business after this „mixed“ last year 2015, when we were „muddled up“ prety much by life. but now: give it up for the… music…:



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