new release: bella ciao

Hillberg and D-Tex: Bella Ciao (Fire Music Rec. 50)

Sometimes even Hillberg and D-Tex alias „Giorgio Merano“ and „Donna D´Estate“ are running out of their enormous sense of humour: For instance, if children, women, men, drown in the Sea next to our coasts and we stand there watching them dying.
So this is why this time they asked Portuguese singer Depatria Redlips to perform the world´s biggest anthem expressing the will to resist fascism together: Bella Ciao.
That song the ones fighting oppression and injustice wear on their lips.
And now we wear this wonderful hymn on our lips – or: on Deopatria´s Red Lips.

Of course we added our special „Giorgio“ aka Hillberg and D-Tex flava and twist to it: Some nice basslines and some rolling Disco-Sequencer-lines; as always. Enjoy. And: „Viva la lotta contro il fascismo! Per sempre!“
Sincerely yours, Hillberg and D-Tex alias Giorgio e Donna.

Hillberg and D-Tex feat. Deopatria Redlips: Bella Ciao is now out on all major download portals, such as e.g.:
amazon link/Bella Ciao

And by no means don´t miss to watch our great video with it:

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