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we so lazy – sorry: update since last year…

oops… giorgio and donna so terribly lazy: and did no update since #thatadriano track release and video… but lotta happened!
first of all some gigs such as at digital confusion mix show in vienna July last year, or this year in Deggendorf at cafe holler or only last friday, august 31st 2018 at oben ohne vienna!
also we did two radio mix shows for radio fm4 again, thanks mille graze for inviting us!

not so nice: our „secret band member“ glenn water field, you might know him from our „city to city“ video, but also from many of our gigs being the man behind the camera and helping out, deceased early this year 😦 R.I.P. Glenn, we will always have an encore for you…

and last not least we have new release and video „Munich disco“, but you see and watch in the next article!

new release „that adriano track“ // new video

our new  #thatadrianotrack out on June 21st, 2017! (as always available on all major download portals)

along with it our new video, this time a gooseflesh-scaring story in da style of #guyritchie or #pulpfiction: enjoy watching!

by the way we want to thank the wonderful crews in #liverpool and #austria!
great fun shooting the film with you!

hillberg and d-tex // live in munich video

hillberg and d-tex back on the job // live video munich

hillberg an d-tex are back to work: after a few months of pausing (giorgio had to do some beauty op´s, skin tightening, a little bit of botox, bleeching, ya know, so it makes him look like 50 again) hillberg and d-tex are back on the job.

on march 24th they performed at wonderful TAM TAM tanzlokal in munich, where giorgio´s favourite director ridley scott made a wonderful live video.
along with it giorgio presents his favourite places in munich, a very rare and private insight into our super-diva´s past!

at this gig they by the way had a premiere of hillberg and d-tex new tune „that adriano track“, coming out probably in june!

long 17 minutes version:

short 3:30 minutes teaser:

hillberg & d-tex feat. gabriella haenninen: ultimate warlord // release

Hillberg and D-Tex Feat. Gabriella Haenninen: ultimate warlord // FM42 release date: july 7th, 2016

Two new tunes freshly from the treasure chest of Hillberg and D-Tex. „Ultimate Warlord“ is our remake of our highly appreciated original by „The Immortals“ made in 1979, probably one of the or the very first „Italo“-House tracks ever made. We simply love it. And it would simply have been fun doing this remake if not… real Ultimate Warlords had started real wars not too far away from us, causing waves of refugees: In our video therefore we want to introduce some of them to you as our actors – Ammar and Mohamad – with whom in the meanwhile we have become real friends.

„Pavel Interstellar (Meeting Up With Miles Davis, Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich Talking About Jazz As a Concept, But Call This Tune in Short Pavel Interstellar as Radio Stations and Our Audience Might Freak Out Over the Full Title)“ however is a cheesy Electro Swing song about which we have little to say except that it has a nice groove. CU soon on the dancefloors! Hillberg and D-Tex
Release date: July 7th, 2016

itunes link:
buy link beatport:
buy link amazon:

ultimate warlord – preview

news straight out from our hillberg and d-tex music-garages: quick preview on our upcoming release „ultimate warlord e.p.„, coming out in spring 2016 and again featuring our great singer gabriella haenninen.

alltogether the new e.p. will boast two great hillberg and d-tex songs:
– ultimate warlord; our humble dedication to this great italo-disco track from 1979;
– pavel interstellar´s incredible spaceflight to the stars where he met dave, dee, dozy, beaky, mick and tich when they smoked a cigar and listened to an old miles davis album

ehrm. yep… you might find the second song´s title abbreviated as „pavel interstellar´s…“ as today´s music industry somehow has a  very hostile approach towards creative song-titles. however…

however with these news hillberg and d-tex are stepping back into their business after this „mixed“ last year 2015, when we were „muddled up“ prety much by life. but now: give it up for the… music…:


hillberg & d-tex feat. gabriella haenninen: spin me round // release

Hillberg and D-Tex Feat. Gabriella Haenninen: Spin Me Round // FireMusic FM38, Release Date: November 17th, 2015:
Yes, a dream has come true! Hillberg and D-Tex are back with a new release… Actually it´s not that new, as „Dead or Alive“ did a similar song in ´84 – only sparsely similar. And it simply lacked something: Not musicwise, but… Pete Burns simply was lacking our „Giorgio´s“ wonderful moustache. So the tune was simply crying for a cover-version. Our singer, mysterious „Lady Who“ (aka Gabriella Haenninen) joined in as our perfect musical companion.
Along with „Spin Me Round“ we wanted to send you a pack of crunchy „Popcorn“: Nuff said; enjoy and dance!

hillberg and d-tex: 2 new releases!

from city to city ep and „LSD“ (I´m A Hippie-Remixes) on berlin based Flash Recordings by Florian Meindl.

from city to city“ – hillberg and d-tex new release on fire music rec., released on june 15th. solid funky 1970ies disco funk tune meets the 2010s. plus: the great remixes of our highly appreciated artists La Rochelle (A/ Etage Noir Rec.) and Kooky feat. Dr. Watson (Paper Rec./UK).

our second release came out on june 29th on famous berlin based label flash recordings: „LSD“ – three great techhouse remixes of our tune „that hippie track“ by maxime dangles /France, responder and tony vegazz (A).

hillberg „still alive“:

one incident hit and hurt us in may: hillberg aka „giorgio´s“ visit at his doctor showed he had to undergo a bigger surgery in end of june.
so all went well and hillberg is bravely recovering. still: it forced us to cancel all planned and agreed gigs from june, july and including august – including such gigs as linz compilation at posthof linz / A or ruhr in love / germany on the technoton stage.

however, hillberg still will have to stay home for august, but we are working on some „comeback“ gigs starting with september- stay tuned, we will keep you posted!

hillberg & d-tex // february world tour 2015

ciao a tutti! so hillberg & d-tex are doing their world tour february 2015 in… yes, inna february 2015. they already been at cafe holler in deggendorf, bavaria at TAM TAM zwangsfasching on monday, feb. 16th – and itta wassa great! deggendorf, cafe holler, our idol diskopeter and his grandson matthias startklar – we love you!

and somma of our special greetings go out to miss plattling – we assume yu can´t remember, but thissa doesn´t matter, whatever, let´s come back to the issues….

for all who missa us there – we play at Progressive Selection Meets Kraut & Ruam at Tabakfabrik Linz on february 27th: where we willa perform together with Neelix, alezzaro, mc coppa, NDLDJ, radio diffusion and many more!
a festival on 3 floors – like in the old days when our giorgio merano always performeda at madison square garden and hollywood bowl!

don´t miss!

pics from zwangsfasching TAM TAM cafe holler/deggendorf:

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