hillberg and d-tex: 2 new releases!

from city to city ep and „LSD“ (I´m A Hippie-Remixes) on berlin based Flash Recordings by Florian Meindl.

from city to city“ – hillberg and d-tex new release on fire music rec., released on june 15th. solid funky 1970ies disco funk tune meets the 2010s. plus: the great remixes of our highly appreciated artists La Rochelle (A/ Etage Noir Rec.) and Kooky feat. Dr. Watson (Paper Rec./UK).

our second release came out on june 29th on famous berlin based label flash recordings: „LSD“ – three great techhouse remixes of our tune „that hippie track“ by maxime dangles /France, responder and tony vegazz (A).

hillberg „still alive“:

one incident hit and hurt us in may: hillberg aka „giorgio´s“ visit at his doctor showed he had to undergo a bigger surgery in end of june.
so all went well and hillberg is bravely recovering. still: it forced us to cancel all planned and agreed gigs from june, july and including august – including such gigs as linz compilation at posthof linz / A or ruhr in love / germany on the technoton stage.

however, hillberg still will have to stay home for august, but we are working on some „comeback“ gigs starting with september- stay tuned, we will keep you posted!


hillberg & d-tex // february world tour 2015

ciao a tutti! so hillberg & d-tex are doing their world tour february 2015 in… yes, inna february 2015. they already been at cafe holler in deggendorf, bavaria at TAM TAM zwangsfasching on monday, feb. 16th – and itta wassa great! deggendorf, cafe holler, our idol diskopeter and his grandson matthias startklar – we love you!

and somma of our special greetings go out to miss plattling – we assume yu can´t remember, but thissa doesn´t matter, whatever, let´s come back to the issues….

for all who missa us there – we play at Progressive Selection Meets Kraut & Ruam at Tabakfabrik Linz on february 27th: where we willa perform together with Neelix, alezzaro, mc coppa, NDLDJ, radio diffusion and many more!
a festival on 3 floors – like in the old days when our giorgio merano always performeda at madison square garden and hollywood bowl!

don´t miss!

pics from zwangsfasching TAM TAM cafe holler/deggendorf:

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merry x-mas and new years gig

hillberg & d-tex

wish you a merry x-mas and announce their new year gig

first of all: what a great year for hillberg & d-tex: besides our own latest release deggendorf phunk we became „discovered“ by so many other artists and labels – have here a quick overview on who paid tribute to the unique charisma of „giorgio“ and „donna d´estate“ aka hillberg and d-tex.
so let us bring out a shoutout to our friends from envloop records,freaksound recordsalpine recordscarlos perón, diskopeter and radio diffusion.

two other highlights for sure were hillbergs birthday bash with carlos perónkooky & fulgonijames kininmonth and many others. and of course our trip to ADE´14 / amsterdam.
and – last not least – early next year will bring our new release and video „from city to city“ – and a big surprise that ritch-bitch-millionaire of A&R-label-manager of that dingy-super-big-techno-label-player has threatened us to sue us to death if we say anything before time.
Flash. Recordings. Berlin. it has something to to with them. …pssst!;)
and a very quick issue of interest: hillberg & d-tex finally opened their own webpage/blogpage, feel warmly welcome to follow us onthis blog/webpage!

however: in the meanwhile hillberg & d-tex wish you a merry x-mas – and:

if you are around linz/austria and/or deggendorf, bavaria, don´t miss our next two gigs:

Electronic New Year, dec. 31st, linz, austria, see link – together with our mates dj joe joe, radio diffusion an lukas poellauer.
Cafe Holler, deggendorf, rosenmontag, february 16th

sincerely yours,
hillberg & d-tex aka giorgio e donna

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hillberg & d-tex celebrating new year

hello, dear folks: yes, hillberg & d-tex are working on a new tune to be released in february/march next year. and as we hope this will be gonna be a great year for us (and therefore for the world, world-peace, world environment, world-heritage, world history and last not least miss world)…
we will come around the next weeks and months a little bit.

we will start at ELECTRONIC NEW YEAR in linz, austria, where donna and i, giorgio, will ring you a good bell for 2015.

all our friends in bavaria – aufgepasst! (attention please!): on february 16th/rosenmontag hillberg & d-tex / giorgio and donna will perform again at cafe holler, deggendorf!

in da meanwhile we wish you a merry x-mas – and hopefully see you at AEC-skygarden / domplatz for NYE!


hillberg & d-tex

so: great to see we finally made our own homepage. as always, when you just moved into your new house, here and then some riders and folders still appear to be a little bit improvised.

well, just feel welcome to click around – most links should work :).

if you really miss something, in the meanwhile you also can find all required info here: hillberg & d-tex