Hillberg and D-Tex

actually arre world famous Disco legends Giorgio Merano and Donna D´Estate in reality, but psst! We have to be careful because of copyright issues!

Already back then in anni ottanta 1980ies they made Disco music and were superstars. But once upon a time during a holiday in Giorgio´s home Southern Tyrol they fell into crevasse, glacier. And whole world ask themselves: „Where they are? Where all the good music in the world has gone?“ But they were locked 30 years inna ice. Madonna Mia! Next to Oetzi.

But then: Ice goes away due to global warming, thank you, Greta! – and Giorgio and Donna again free! And them two now maka party. Tutto Disco! You come and dance!

Linz, Austria based artists Hillberg and D-Tex are two true veterans of the Austrian Techno-House scene, as well as DJs as electronic music producers. From their beginnings in the 1980ties each of them created landmarks in the history of electronic music in Austria – and across the borders as well oft he country as musical genres. In this project they combine their skills – the result is a groovy, funky “House-Music-Cabaret” show.
Hillberg and D-tex live – an unique experience! As you can see in the videos Hillberg and D-Tex understand how to entertain the audience: Both with an amazing show as with excellent Disco-House tunes.

For their releases, most of them on D-Tex label “Fire Music Rec.” follow this link.

Short-Bio Hillberg:

– music producer since 1981 (Mojique)
– DJ since 1986
– ca. 1992: co-promoter of NEXUS-Events, Linz
– 1998 – 2003: editor of Partysan Austria
– 2000 – 2002: co-editor of Partysan UK
– ca. 2000: D.N.A. Records: with artists such as: M. Fuereder (aka Parov Stelar), I-Cue, a.m.m.
– since 2009: co-CEO of envloop records
– seit 2013: Hillberg and D-Tex

Short-Bio D-Tex:

– music producer since 2005
– DJ since 1993
– 1990ties: co-promoter of Samsara-Events, Linz and Upper Austria.
– 1998 – 2013 Radio FRO/E-Verteiler (u.a. mit Florian Meindl/FLASH Rec.)
– Label-CEO of “Eigentum Ist Diebstahl Rec.” 2007-2010
– Fire Music Rec. since 2011


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