Hillberg and D-Tex

Linz, Austria based artists Hillberg and D-Tex are two true veterans of the Austrian Techno-House scene, as well as DJs as electronic music producers. From their beginnings in the 1980ties each of them created landmarks in the history of electronic music in Austria – and across the borders as well oft he country as musical genres. In this project they combine their skills – the result is a groovy, funky “House-Music-Cabaret” show.
Hillberg and D-tex live – an unique experience! As you can see in the videos Hillberg and D-Tex understand how to entertain the audience: Both with an amazing show as with excellent Disco-House tunes.

For their releases, most of them on D-Tex label “Fire Music Rec.” follow this link.

Short-Bio Hillberg:

– music producer since 1981 (Mojique)
– DJ since 1986
– ca. 1992: co-promoter of NEXUS-Events, Linz
– 1998 – 2003: editor of Partysan Austria
– 2000 – 2002: co-editor of Partysan UK
– ca. 2000: D.N.A. Records: with artists such as: M. Fuereder (aka Parov Stelar), I-Cue, a.m.m.
– since 2009: co-CEO of envloop records
– seit 2013: Hillberg and D-Tex

Short-Bio D-Tex:

– music producer since 2005
– DJ since 1993
– 1990ties: co-promoter of Samsara-Events, Linz and Upper Austria.
– 1998 – 2013 Radio FRO/E-Verteiler (u.a. mit Florian Meindl/FLASH Rec.)
– Label-CEO of “Eigentum Ist Diebstahl Rec.” 2007-2010
– Fire Music Rec. since 2011


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